Unlock your Car with these Easy Steps

Unlock your Car with these Easy Steps Did you forget your car keys inside the car? This is an annoying situation! For most " The woodlands, Texas" residents, we don't know how to unlock the vehicle; thus, we tend to break the car window instead of getting the keys back. Don't make this damaging move any more! It's not that complicated to break in your car without damage, whether it has an automatic or a manual lock!

Unlock Your Automatic Car Locks!

A car with automatic locks can be unlocked by wedging a space in its door & poking to hit the car lock button. By doing this, you won't damage anything inside your car! It's a simple method, but you have to use a good poker & wedge to do this. The thinner the wedge be, the better the process is! Using a putty knife would be ideal. The main goal is to create enough space for your poker to fit in. For the poker tool, you can use anything long & narrow enough to press the lock button would be sufficient. If there is an antenna from your car or you have a hanger, you can use it as a power poking to the lock button. On the other hand, a professional locksmith can use an inflating balloon to create the necessary space by pumping air to insert the poker tool. Therefore, once you have all the tools, you can begin by unlocking your car's automatic lock! First, wedge the door open by squeezing the wedge tightly into the space between the upper door part & the car. Tap firmly by using the heel of your hand & the wedge into the door space. Before you start, you can cover your wedge tool with a cloth to avoid any car paint damages. Now! You have created a space between the car's body & the door. The next thing you should do is to insert the poker tool down to reach the lock button. Press the switch by using the poker. Once you get it, you will successfully unlock the car & open the door and finally get the keys.

Unlock Your Manual Car Locks!

Before you start, make sure to choose the passenger side door while unlocking your car. That's because the passenger's door has less wiring, which makes it easier to open. While unlocking your manual car lock, follow the same procedure of poking & wedging through the gap you create. The only difference is that you have to pull up the locking pin to unlock the car. Use a coat hanger to leash the car lock. Insert the coat hanger end first into the gap between the black rubber & the window. Ensure you know where the lock pin is before inserting the coat hanger to avoid creating any damage to the wiring.

Unlock The Care Through The Trunk!

You will be lucky if your trunk is open because if your car is locked with the keys inside, you can still break into your car by finding the emergency cord inside your trunk. Usually, you will find it near the roof of the trunk or in the trunk door. Pull the cord once you find it & it will unlock the back passenger seats. Now, the passenger seats are opened; push them and crawl in! Then, glide into your car through the trunk entry & unlock the car manually. However, if you can't handle this independently, you can count on Locksmith The Woodlands TX to help you avoid any further damages!

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